Mental and physical health challenges #givemehope #bipolarbears


I honestly try not to whine too much about where my life is, versus where it should be because ‘should be’ is an ideal world.  But regular readers of my blog will know that for the last year and a bit, I’ve been fighting what feels like a losing battle against my mental health support.
How it all worked out is around 13 months ago, I started vomiting back my Quetiapine (Seroquel), and when it was investigated and I had anti-sickness meds provided, but that my anti-psychotics had basically stopped working.  I started having real problems sleeping, my anxiety started to become something that defined my day again, and I couldn’t really deal with anything outside of the house.  My GP swung into action instantly, and referred me back to the team at our local outpatients where I’d spent six months the year we moved to our new home.

Instantly, I discovered that things were vastly different – the crisis team didn’t deal with me much at all, the unit I was referred to assigned a psych and a mental health nurse that to be blunt, were not kind or understanding in the slightest, and though the first psych had a clear plan for me, that month on lithium led to a lot of issues for me.  In fact, I went from September of that year, to most of the way through January before I’d been tested out, six ER admittances all for issues with managing food.  At first, we thought it was the lithium doing it, but of course, looking back on when my issues started, I realized that I was being sick when my meds stopped working.
After being tried and removed from Lithium, this time last year, we went on a week’s holiday to Wales, while my children headed off to Tunisia with my mother.  We came back expecting that things would get easier with my psychiatrist.  It didn’t.

I guess it really doesn’t help to point fingers from my public blog, but I’ve spent the last few days and weeks really considering how to make my psych team understand this isn’t right.
I’ve always been outspoken when I see things that don’t work for others, and I wanted to say something today about something that was actually probably quite stupid, looking back on things, but I’d decided, about two weeks ago, that I wanted to try to get to sleep, and to see if I could do it without having a doctor intercede on my behalf, in part so I could go back and say ‘I’ve had to take xyz, is there any chance you can help me with this, as I’m not sleeping without help’.  Instead, a week into trying this, and the weekend before I was due to go to my psych team appointment, my heart started racing.  I couldn’t slow it down.  Fifteen minutes of that and I realised I was in trouble, and woke my partner.  At first I was quite worried I’d accidentally doubled up on my meds because I’d been given new (repeats) ones that day.  But it turned out that the combination I’d been taking, on it’s own, caused it.
What was it that was extra, you might ask?

Nytol is diphenhydramine hydrochloride, they claim that it’s a very common antihistamine.  I’ve taken it before as an antihistamine along with cycalzine (another antihistamine, though it’s prescribed as an anti-sickness agent).  Add that to Quetiapine and you’re suddenly taking three types of medicines that cause long QT syndrome, a type of heart defect that causes the electrical function of your heart to somehow change.  There are three running theories on what it actually does – either it changes potassium or sodium channels in your heart, or it creates poor feedback causing your heart to race, or…well, I’m not sure I understand, but it was what the first ER doc started trying to explain before going off-shift.
What I did know was that it was terrifying.

It gets worse from here really.  I spent that weekend back in bed – I’ve only very recently bounced back from having cellulitis on one side of my face and ears, so I just basically regressed into the very sulky, constantly sleeping, incredibly depressed girl that I’ve managed to hold at bay unless things are bad with my sleep. Y’know when the last time my sleep was this bad?  When I freaking failed the A-Z challenge.  It’s gotten worse from there – the accident in July was quite bad, but I thought I was done for a while.  Nope.  Still limping, still struggling, still finding it difficult to sleep.  I’ll have to talk about sleep deprivation another time, this post is gonna be long enough.

It takes quite a bit to make me rant on this blog, but life is now at the point where my life is BASICALLY my bed, my kids, my partner, my cats, my living-room, my kitchen, my bed.  I only leave the house if someone is with me.  I only write if forced. I’m not working.  I’m not sleeping.  I’m not (really) eating, and I suspect the days I barely drink anything are why I get headaches.  I’m going to talk more about this on Bi-Polarbears, along with some really great other stuff that’s important to me.

I realized when I tried to pick up everything I’d dropped that the reality of what’s gone on in the last 24 months is causing real, and scary issues with my life.  When I went to speak to my GP the day I tried Nytol as a solution for the first time, we’d been talking about my pain management.  When I spoke to him after my Psych team screwed me over this time through, he told me that there’s a flag in my blood sugar, and now, I have to do more blood tests.  I’m sure those of you around last year remember that we’ve been here before, though last year it was my liver.  Especially galling is the fact that I’ve been on Seroquel for 14 months more than I probably should have been and, Seroquel causes, survey says….Blood sugar issues, and some studies suggest, early miscarriage. Welcome to my world.

I’m working with an amazing author right now – M.R. has written a book that I think we can create and edit into a better version so he and I are working together, though the poor guy just landed with me sick.  I’m not editing books unless I see someone in genuine need of help, and only as the first line now.  Someone has to come in behind me to proof, because I’m not and will never be a proofreader.  I can see mistakes when I read, I just don’t catch them while in documents, which is why I even have a spell check here.

I had hoped today to talk about my Nanowrimo projects, but that’s coming another day, soon.  I’m doing Nano, I’m just dealing with lots of stuff that isn’t easy to consider, let alone talk on.  But I’ve got some great friends, and made some new ones – HI NEW FRIENDS! – so it’s all good.  We’ll get there, and there’s some REALLY exciting things coming over November, alongside the Nanowrimo and beyond.  If this has taught me anything it’s that I need to communicate more and I need to be more present where I’m happy.  It’s going to be a hard year because things are changing, but I can’t see anything but positive coming from some of it (and if you know my good news, professionally, please don’t say anything here – I’m not allowed to announce it yet!).  I’m really trying to be positive, and I know this reads really quite upbeat but I’m so tired and constantly find even the simplest things difficult.

Why I failed at the #AtoZ challenge this year and #Kaiatus #Mondayblogs

Challenging myself to write three 26 blog sets, along with a book launch, and everything else going on in my life was probably a bad idea. But I’d planned it a few months ago and couldn’t back out. Now though, I’m planning a whole new project – I’m calling it #Kaiatus, and I’m hoping that I can finally finish up the niggling stuff, get some space from social media and find my way back to my ‘happy place’.
There is no way I can put a positive spin on backing out of work, but there’s a good reason.

I’m going to finish the posts to get through the drafts, but I’m officially holding my hands up and saying that I can’t finish up before the end of April, and certainly not one post a day, not if I’m going to catch up too. Priority goes to my marketing and book blogs,, but I’m holding my hands up now and saying that I’m just so snowed and my motivation is pretty much screwed over too. Some of it is the natural low from putting up a book. Some of it is the things going on in my world. Some of it though is I need time off. Not because I’m sick, I just…Need. Time. Off. That became ‘Kai needs a hiatus’. #Kaiatus

I decided to take things into my own hands. I’ve managed to move from job to job lately. No time in between to celebrate, no time to look at long term plans. I just pick up the next thing, and add things to the end. It creates a never-ending list for myself.

I own more domains than I like to think about, and I don’t use a lot of them. I run groups and pages and projects on Facebook. I’m SUPPOSED to be writing for Camp Nanowrimo (which I’ve sorta done). I have clients to care for, and things to do that should make me feel a lot better about everything than I do.
Last night, 4:30am my time, I finally signed off on my book – Glass Block has FINALLY gone up to Amazon, and will be available April 30th.

While sorting that out, I got into a conversation with the fabulous Renée Barratt of the Cover Counts about the next four covers, and I’m delighted to confirm that the genius behind my Glass Block cover is doing the next set. We’ve discussed it, I’m saving, and then we’ll see where we get to, but one of the best things about this is I can start really planning properly and put up pre-orders as soon as I get the covers.

In the meantime, next month is about finishing up some really neat non-fiction books that I haven’t touched since getting bogged down, cleaning my garden and finishing up weeding the back fence (and repair and paint it!), some serious decluttering and some downtime to read and just *be*. I’m taking time away from the spotlight of social media, though I’ll still be sharing funny stuff and talking to people. I’m looking forward to completing a couple of games, and squaring away the things I want to do and make sure I’m caught up, before launching the anthologies that I’ve been threatening for a while. I never liked to settle, but at the same time, I’ve been launching some things and scrambling. I need to stop that. I also need to actually use my time better – I think it’ll do wonders for me if I’m actually planning and achieving the small things before writing.

Speaking of. (and I know this is a bit backwards after everything I’ve said above, but it’s honestly related!) The first book that’s ready to go is….

I’m talking about the 21 habits I’m putting in place, which I believe will help me find clarity, balance in the house between writing and housework and my own self-esteem and practising what I preach – social media should be limited. In the last 21 days, I’ve started putting some of these in place, and I believe they work, so I wanted to share!

The next 40 days are going to be all about catching up, and barrelling away and finding clarity. I’ll be talking a lot about it, not on Facebook or Twitter, but on my personal blogs. They’ll pop up everywhere though!

K is for Kingmaker #AtozChallenge #DarknessDeadlies

I’ve talked about a couple of the next novels I’m doing for Glass Block over on DarknessPD, but I deliberately avoided mentioning number five.  Why?
What, other than I’m evil? 🙂
To be honest, I wanted to save Kingmaker for here.

Kingmaker is one of the novels that I really didn’t want to write.  It changes things in a way I didn’t want to do for a lot longer, which is why I’m saying it’s five for now, but it might move.

Kingmaker is basically the novel that exposes some of the worst people in Darkness for the first time.  The story revolves around the idea that Elliot’s father exposed something that should never have seen the light of day and everyone has been frantically trying to bury it since.  What is it?
Without doing too many spoilers, it’s the story of how Harper can cross between worlds, and what changed things enough that magic is now prevalent in alt-Edinburgh.  It’s also the story of why Elliot is who he is.

I’m currently writing the first draft, and it’s much darker than I thought it would ever be.
So…to celebrate the near middle of my A-Z challenge on all of my blogs, would you like to name a character? I’m looking for a good name for a villian and a police officer.  If you win, you can have the first five books as they’re published in ebook format.

Just comment below.
Also, remember you can win a Kindle or Fitbit over on Darkness PD – the rafflecopter is below!
Wanna be in with a chance to win?  I’m giving away a Kindle Fire or a Fitbit.  There are lots of entry options!

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J is for Just Incredible Indies #AtoZchallenge

I love doing these posts!
A few days ago, I started collecting my favorite ‘incredible indies’, and then decided, what the heck, I’ll share some books from my freinds.

How this works – I’ll give you a one sentence description of each book that I’m including (either the first line from the blurb) and then they’ll be in the gallery below.  Enjoy!

My choices!

I’m not sharing Glass Block today, that would be far too cheeky, but I did want to share someone from APG.

Valerie Douglas’ book, Nike’s Wings is one of my favourite books.  It was one of the first books I ever read by Valerie, that I didn’t later edit, and has been one of the most heart-racing thrillers I’ve ever read.  She and I are pretty much partner’s in crime – we co-founded the Indie Author Group, and The Alexandria Publishing Group.  Valerie has piles of books out, check them out!

Shaun Allan’s another author I’m entirely blessed to know.  His book, Sin, is another of my favourites.  Like Nike’s Wings, I go back and read it again and again.  And I’m running his BLOG TOUR this coming month – I’d love it if you’re a blogger looking to feature a writer that you join in. Also, Sin is currently on Countdown deal, so if you’ve been thinking about getting into a new writer, now is a good time!

Paul Kater is another APG member, and on tour with me later in May.  His book, Wanted: Hero has a gorgeous cover, and we’ve talked about it often enough that I’m looking forward to read it, as it’s in my TBR.  Paul’s on tour later in May, I’m very excited about that!  If you’d like to hear about that and Shaun’s tour, please head on over to Indieminions tomorrow and check out the posts!

Brianna Hawthorne is a very good freind of mine who runs a tree farm and writes brilliant, first person novels (of which I’m the editor, so I’m a bit biased).  I love her photos of her tree farm though, and we’re setting up a campaign to ensure her farm is protected.  You can start with the first book though!

And then, a newer friend of mine – Barb Drozdowich has written a series of amazing books for Indie Authors, and her latest one is just perfect for writers looking to work with bloggers, so check out ‘The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers.‘  Barb has some incredible resources for writers, so you should go check her out. A must read for all indies seeking reviews or guest posts!

Now, I’d like to share two of my favourite ladies on Facebook deserve mention here – Pavarti K Tyler’s Moon Dust is a great book, and it’s a prequel to 2 moons of Sera. Pav’s books are great – they address some seriously meaty questions without feeling at all preachy.
Rachel Thompson’s new book, Broken Places is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read.  Well worth the read, and she’s been featured on the blog earlier this year to boot!  Rachel is an outspoken child abuse prevention advocate, and runs the brilliant MondayBlogs, among other things.

Then, there’s Troy Lambert.  His book, Stray Ally is one those books that you don’t quite know what to expect, and rewards you with an amazing story that really hits you in all the right places.  Plus, I loved the dog..

Finally, Stephen King (well, Stephen H King) is a fantasy writer whose stories I find quite funny for some reason.  Head on over and enjoy his first book, Prophecy (Elf Queen of Kiirajanna Book 1), and bonus, he shares a cover designer with me!  Wooo, Renée Barratt!

The Gallery features links – just hover over the image and click and it will take you to Amazon!


I’ve had a quick look at the books included, but if you don’t agree with the choices in here, please don’t comment and attack the writers.  I’ve had to pull two books already and though I’m sure the writers appreciate being told of errors (via me), I’m very uncomfortable about people criticising books on my post, so if you want to do that, email me via my contact form instead so I can pass it to the author.  I won’t approve these comments, so don’t keep posting.  It’s one of the few times I’m actually placing a limit on the comments.


I #AtoZchallenge

I’m going to do something a bit easy today, and something that takes a tiny bit of courage on my part. I don’t like the photos people have of me, but I’m told I’m pretty and I should show off a bit more.  So…here I am.

Here are some photos of me.


Tomorrow’s post will be J for ‘just incredible’.  Indie books you just can’t pass up!

H is for Horror #AtoZchallenge

I have to admit, if I didn’t meet Elliot, I think I’d have just written Zombie stories for the rest of my life.  There’s something incredibly attractive to me about horror and transgression (T for), and a lot of overlap in my thinking.

Unfortunately for me, when I first met my partner, I talked about some of the stuff I was writing.

And I proceeded to tell him this:
“What would happen if a serial killer was storing dead bodies in a frozen food truck, and had saved them all up, before bringing them down into the gardens, sticking them on the merry-go-round and setting fire to it before setting it in motion?’
What would happen is a forensic mess. What actually happened was my other half was backing away from me, at speed, into a plate glass window outside a shop with a look of sheer amazement on his face. He sees a merry-go round on fire and thinks ‘dammed shame, it was painted so nice too’.
I see a Merry go round on fire and think ‘Elliot would have a cow, and forensics would be at it for months…..’

My poor now fiancee (couldn’t have scared him that much!) backed away from me into a glass window and told me I was mad.  The story was so good though that it and ‘the Wall’ will feature on the Darkness PD blog later this year as giveaways for those signed up to my writer’s list.

Horror is an intregal part of what I write, and luckily, there are a couple of people in APG with me that are the same – Valerie Douglas wrote ‘Shades’, Donna K. Fitch – The Color of Darkness and Other Stories and as my pen name, Sabrann Curach I’ve written three shorts – Footnotes to a Lesson, Litanies, Pillow Talk.

If you’re interested in more about horror, head on over to APG today for H is for Horror by Donna K Fitch.

G is for Glass Block #AtoZchallenge

A nice, easy post today.  I thought I’d share the blurb, cover and some deets about Glass Block.

Glass blockDarkness is in trouble – crime is outstripping the ability to police it, and while some policemen are embracing the issues, but many are falling under the sway of corruption. Each technological jump creates more issues while the regulations fall further and further behind. 
Elliot Peters has been sent to a jail to consult on what the press are dubbing ‘Big Brother with Blood’ – an event where some of the worst criminals in Darkness are allowed to kill one another for the viewing public’s pleasure. With prison overcrowding, and the City running out of funding, the new Mayor turned to UCPS (United Coalition Prison Services) to provide income the policing of the city, and they teamed up with a TV channel… 
The rest is going to be history.


Glass Block features a storyline that many people might feel is a bit like Battle Royale. I like to think of it as ‘Big brother with blood’ – it’s reality TV at it’s extreme, and given what we watch now, it’s not a stretch to believe we’d let people kill one another for entertainment.

In the coming days, there will be samples on Darkness PD, so please do pop over there and check it out, and if you’re interested, you can WIN a Kindle or Fitbit – the choice is yours.


Wanna be in with a chance to win?  I’m giving away a Kindle Fire or a Fitbit.  There are lots of entry options! a Rafflecopter giveaway

F is for Freedom… (and free time) and introducing Farran #AtoZchallenge

AKA, what I do in my free time.

At the end of this post, there’s a chance to request a knitted item. Please read the rules before requesting one, specifically about the things you need to do!

I used to think free time was something you eventually got back when your kids were grown.  Or when your characters finally decided that they were happy enough to leave you alone and get on with their own lives.  In short, I thought I wouldn’t have much.  As the years have gone by though, I’ve found that although I can spend whole days writing (8 hours plus), I also have time for hobbies.  I think partially it’s to do with the fact that the kids are grown, and in part because my characters only talk to me occassionally and leave me with notes.

So, when I’m not writing, or teaching social media, I’ve got a couple of hobbies.
I play games.  My favorites are games like Borderlands 2 and Fallout 3.  My partner plays with me on the shared games, but I’ve got a huge amount of games, and am on Steam and on Blizzard, where I play Heroes of the Storm, and occassionally get a yearning to play WoW.

When not gaming like that, I game with actual games.  My favorites are Relic, any of the Arkham horrors and Dead of Winter, so much so in fact, I’m going to start sorting out some actual play games to share with people!  Again, my partner and I play a lot.  I also love Netrunner, Xcom and Battlestar Galactica.  We get ALL our stuff at events, or more often, Proud Lion, our local comicbook/game store run by one of our very good freinds.  We also love Cards Against Humanity, though we’re pretty much sure that makes us terrible people
And let’s not get me started on Dungeon Sagas.  I loved that Kickstarter, moreso cause I helped!

And then, the time I’m not doing that?  I do yoga, I used to run (though I’ve had it suggested that I shouldn’t any more, for a while to let my back recover), and I knit.  I take photos and I really enjoy gardening, though I’m very disorganised and often don’t think through what I’m up to.

Back to the characters though – I’d like you to all meet Farran.
Farran is not in the same universe as Elliot – in fact, he’s the second in command on the Black Monday.  After the planet explodes, he’s basically framed, so is frozen and consigned to reclamation duties.  In 60 years, nine of them are frozen, along with some petty criminals assigned to them, to reclaim the planet.  I’m delighted to announce Soul’s Road Salvagers, the first book to properly introduce Farran’s motley crew will be available this year too (if you’re keeping track, that’s four books + Glass Block for Elliot, Black Monday and now Soul’s Road.  I’ll also be releasing Memento Mori properly, now that I’ve sorted out the issues with the rights to a couple of the stories).

Finally….I mentioned that I knit.
I’ve found that people, when discovering I knit lace, ask me to make them things.
If you’d like to request something knitted, I ask that you tell me what pattern you want, and yarn, if you know what you’re after.  If you don’t, I’ll price it up at my local hobbycraft.  It will cost you the cost of the yarn, and a small donation of some sort towards my time.  Just comment and I’ll get in touch – I’ve just finished knitting NINE baby blankets (well, I’m on the last few rows of the last one) so I’m happy to knit something intricate for people, you just need to know that there may be a queue.  I won’t bill until I get started though, so if you’re later in the queue, you don’t need to choose for a while!

Wanna be in with a chance to win?  I’m giving away a Kindle Fire or a Fitbit.  There are lots of entry options! a Rafflecopter giveaway

E is for Elliot – Open House #atozchallenge

I’ve already talked about Elliot a little bit over on Darkness PD’s ‘E for Elliot’, but there’s some other stuff I wanted to share so I thought I’d post it here.

As you’re all probably aware, one of the most enduring nightmares I’ve ever had was ‘The wall’.  I’ve mentioned it a few times I think, but I thought I’d write about it today because it shows how deeply Elliot affects me.

I’ll write about ‘The Wall’ later, but I thought I’d share a story snippet I wrote that’s the day before Elliot goes off to deal with the events in Glass Block…
This originally appeared on various blogs on my birthday a year or two ago, but I thought I’d share again, given everyone’s been saying how neat Glass Block looks… 

Open House

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother, I thought, looking around the room.  Five visitors sat in the barely adequate chairs, watching and listening to the hum and howl of the station around them.  One woman wrinkles her nose in distaste as people stagger past – a drunk, draped on a woman that could kindly be described as worn out.  Her saggy breast almost falling out of a threadbare dress that is several years too young for her, and wasn’t in style when it was new.  Its Lycra is sagged and pulled in various places, and the wide V at the front gives a view of flaccid, wrinkled skin.

“Welcome to the main station,” I say, crossing to them.  I can see them eyeing me up, and I know what they’re seeing.  A bleary-eyed detective in a suit as wrinkly as the ineffectual bosom of that prostitute – three day stubble, blood shot eyes.  But I smell clean, and I smile as disarmingly as I can.

“You’re the last group I’m taking on this tour,” I say, as they’re all lead to the desk.  Brochures are handed out, and I explain, briefly what we’ll be doing.

“So, you’ll be taken into the back offices of CORETEX.  If there are no crimes currently being logged and booked, I will demonstrate the system with the information outlined in this pamphlet,” I say.  The crime that we’ve chosen to use, after deliberation was CX115-AX3 – when my best friend was shot in the foyer of the station.  Because, of course, we own the footage and have no need to gain permission from the public spaces that crimes may or may not have happened at.And the prosecuted cases passing through now are in judicial limbo, as the last of the pilots are assessed. 

 Five visitor passes, handed to each of them.  “Before you take these though, I have to tell you that there are mandatory touch checks going on.  Your pass contains a sweat-spot,” All five nod happily.

Sweat spots.  As if they couldn’t just douse themselves in chemicals to suppress or invalidate the tests.  No clone would be dumb enough to come to the stationhouse anyway.

“The Open House project is designed to give you a chance to explore the CORETEX system’s practical applications in the community.  It’s our database as you know, but what has just been announced, and was piloted here, was that we’re all jacked in…”

“Is that entirely necessary?” a timid voice from behind me asks.  The small woman is one of the outlying district’s councillors – Ms Japes I think.  I put on my widest beam before turning to her, hoping my smile is as disarming as the words we’re all trained to parrot.

“CORE jacked officers are designed to be helpers in the community – it means we’re able to collate and sift evidence as we see it.  Everything is filed, and everything can be checked.  It makes the meaningless muddle meaningful.” The words are saccharine on my lips – the party line, of course.

“Why’s this your last tour?” an older, portly man asked.  “I’ve enjoyed having you testify in my courtroom,” With those words I placed him.  

“Judge Marks, I was told you’d come on one of these,”

“Gotta see what the tour is all about,” he said, patting my arm. “So, are you retiring?”

“No, off on a consult, then Beth will be imminently due…”

“Ah yes, your lovely wife.  Deepest congratulations,” I smiled.  We were travelling along the long hall, the worn tiles showing the age of the refits that were long overdue.  I could see them all looking around and wondering why we hadn’t cleaned this up instead. 
Up ahead someone was subduing a prisoner, firmly holding him face first into the wall.

“This is the perfect example of why CORETEX makes our lives much easier,”

This is the perfect example of why I hate CORE, I thought.  “So, as you can see, the officer is subduing this man for…”

“Drugs possession,” the officer supplied as I stopped, dutifully.

I nodded, “this will be documented, including his attempt to escape.  Any marks or bruises will be later documented to ensure there were no mitigating circumstances, and everything will be tracked….”

Later, much later, I was back at my desk.  The tour had gone as expected, and now, I had some clean-up to do.  I knew I was getting the consolation assignment – Cassidy had already given me it, so now, I had to pack up.  I wasn’t coming back here for a long time.
The drive home was interesting.  Snow everywhere, the first flurries of the year.  And every channel, every station was talking about ‘Big Brother with Blood’ and how UCPS had set something up that was perfect for the burgeoning problems in the city.  I looked over at my rucksack, at the CD I’d been given, and at the official files and sighed. The prison consult was going to be so dull, but then I could return to my girl, and we could get ready for the baby.

The publishing date for Glass Block has moved to April 30th, but I’m still running the giveaway!  What do you think though?  Wanna meet Elliot again?

Tomorrow’s post is F is for Fear…

Wanna be in with a chance to win?  I’m giving away a Kindle Fire or a Fitbit.  There are lots of entry options! a Rafflecopter giveaway

C is for Canny beauty #atozchallenge

Canny is a predominantly Scottish word which means shrewd, clever, pleasant or nice.
I’m Scottish, though unless you follow my Instagram you might never guess.
Today we went to see something of extraordinarily canny beauty – the Falkirk Kelpies.
Below are some photos.  The links to stuff will appear on my return 🙂

C is also for Celtic myths, of which a kelpie is one. It is said they are shapeshifting creatures who live by fresh water, transforming into horses to lure humans to them and, when climbed upon to ride home, dives into the water, drowning its rider.
If you are in on near Falkirk, it’s well worth it, and the whole Helix park looks gorgeous.