Yeah…. I’m *well* aware that this blog has been quiet for years. And actually, because of a slightly fault, I actually went dormat in 2018, not 2016, but still…

So… for those of you that knew this blog (and go digging in the archives, this was my mostly author blog, and I’m going back to doing that, though I’m looking into a couple of things, including how I merge down as much as I can.


Firstly though, I wanted to let you know that I’m bringing back some stuff. Glass Block and some other books, but firstly, Sabby.
(so…grab a giveaway or sign up to hear when we re-release Memento and announce a game….where you can win….your own place in my horror town….Your business, your books, yourself. Also, I might let you name some victims…as long as it doesn’t get me sued). There’s other fun giveaways, such as Zox bands, and some other stuff, but hey, come move into my horror town.
I’ll be blogging more in the next few days – including catching everyone up on the massive amount of changes in my life since the blog stopped a while back. And….there’s a lot.
I mean….A LOT.

So….join me tomorrow, but till then I just thought I’d pop my head up, say hi, and start cleaning up. Cleanup might take me a while 🙂
And how are you?

2 thoughts on “I’m….back?

  1. Kai says:

    I think sometimes we need time away, but I’ve got such good resources sitting here, that I wanted to get them running again. Then of course, I got sick again, but yeah, kicking the old horse to life….that horse being…me 😉

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