State of the writing, 20th-26th January


Oh, it’s been one of *those* weeks.

You know, one of the weeks where you just feel flat and all you can do is grasp at nebulous straws while writing.

Looking at the chart I’m going to post on Friday (end of January roundup), my count is holding steady.  I get done in about 750 words, and in about 15 minutes unless I get distracted.  I think in Feb, I’m going to track how long the writing takes.

Next week, I’ve got a big review on Glass Block to do – I need to get it all sorted out and hand it off to my proofreader finally, so I suspect my week isn’t going to go very well, writing wise.  I’m still also looking for work, so that cuts into my time.  But I spend far too much time on Facebook, even with all of the great counts I did.

The big ‘thing’ I’m most proud of this month?  Check out my Indie Author’s Quick Guides.  This week was Twitter, next week is the first of several on Facebook.

I’m just shy of 50k this month, between blogging and writing.  I’m quite proud.  It shows that Nanowrimo is completely possible, you just need to plan in advance and write content to clear the space you’re using to do it.  Or at least, that’s how *I* do it.

Read this week.

This week I read Terminus by Adam Baker, and Sleep Over by Alistair Reynolds.  I also finished off ‘the Rats’ by James Herbert, which had been pending for the last few months.

State of the Writing 13th-19th January


Total: 15636!
of which at 750words: 5564 (35%)
Blogging: 1666 (11%)
Guest Blogs: 1896 (12%)
Writing:6510 (42%)


I am already over a 20th to my goal of 100,000 words, as I mentioned in my last post, so I gave myself a bit of a kick up the backside.  If my writing is going to be effective, it has to be stuff I want to write, not just going through the motions (though, going through the motions is good to make sure it beds in as a habit).  Something I’m noticing is I write CONSTANTLY.  Emails, content, client documentation, but I don’t count it towards my goals.  I’ve been coding a lot lately too, trying to get a couple of things sorted out for other people, so it’s been quite difficult here lately, as I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, when actually, I’ve just not been writing fiction.  I fell in work late last year and just haven’t had the heart for it.  Aside from a killer headache for most of the last two months (varying degrees of painful, always worse on the laptop),  I’ve just felt…different.  I recognise this feeling as like the one I had after my last serious fall (about seven years ago), but because I recognise it, I kinda feel more equipped to deal with it.

So, I went old school the other day, grabbed my Livescribe and wrote till my hand felt like it was going to fall off.  What resulted was a credible outline for a new sci-fi universe and the closure to an old one.  It felt really good.

I get to talk about that later, when I unveil the first cover.  We’ve got plans for the others already.

All in all, I’d say a really good week.