Why this took so long #ampublished #meetElliot

I know this post is going to raise a few hackles, but it has to be said – and sooner rather than later.
Just before graduating in 2011, I got involved with a burgeoning community.  I became a moderator and got involved in some really strong communities that were founded around indie writing.  And at the time, I was on the cusp of releasing a book.  I promoted as if I was releasing the book.

In October 2011, I was in a non-serious but still very painful for me car accident.  I was leaning forward to pick up my keys when we were rear-ended.  Previously in 2008, I’d been in another accident where I was severely concussed.
In private, people began to attack me and threaten that if I didn’t hand over the book, that they’d poorly review me.  People who I was stopping from running carte blanche over me were threatening the same. Stuff happened that I don’t need to get into, but there was some ill feeling on the part of some people, and because I didn’t respond how they wanted, they thought they’d punish me.  I lost a few friends then.
So, by the time 2012 rolled around, my life was a bit tattered.  I worked as an editor for a while, hosted people, saved up, got my stuff done. But there was always something stopping me hitting go – I had other work to do.  I helped found groups, I helped people get their image sorted.  In 2014 I spent a shedload of time over seven months working in the tabletop gaming community for Mantic Games.  Every time I’d look at Glass Block, something would go wrong.
I promised myself and others this year was the year to catch up.  So, I’ve had some really good reasons for not publishing, but I don’t want the launch to be about that.  And if people don’t like the book, either because they don’t like me or it’s genuine criticism, it doesn’t matter.  Critical reception is something I’m interested in, but ultimately, as soon as that book goes out the door, I can’t change it, and it will not change how I feel about my book, or the character that’s been with me for 11 years and counting.

But, at some point, I have to say ‘hang on, this is why’.  This is why.  I’m not a perfect, I’m not always right when I make choices, but I’m always clear on what I do and why.  It’s my fault for not having courage, for dealing with miscarriages, for trying to work in the ‘real world’.  Because I was head injured, in a car accident, sick.

My books may be delayed again.  They may not.  I’m human, even though I try to pretend I’m not sometimes.  I just hope that you enjoy them NOW.

And to help you enjoy.
glass blockMeet Elliot.

And the blurb…
Darkness is in trouble – crime is outstripping the ability to police it, and while some policemen are embracing the issues, but many are falling under the sway of corruption.
Elliot Peters has been sent to a jail to consult on what the press are dubbing ‘Big Brother with Blood’ – an event where some of the worst criminals in Darkness are allowed to kill one another for the viewing public’s pleasure. With prison overcrowding, and the City running out of funding, the new Mayor turned to UCPS (United Coalition Prison Services) to bolster the policing of the city, and they teamed up with a TV channel…and the rest is going to be history.

Get it on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk – pre-order for delivery on April 15th.