#Poetry Rollercoaster #bipolar

I’ve been asked a lot lately about my poetry – that I’ve written, published and unpublished.  I’m going to find it a bit difficult to lay my hands on some of it that I wrote for Uni, but I’ve said I’d do my best.

But for a start, I present for your enjoyment, Rollercoasters.

Dual bands of purple
fading scratches on my hand
rollercoaster tracks I ride every day
Up, up, tick, tock

breathless the plateau runs
a rhythm tree-climb, slows till,
each day is a blink
a kaleidoscope of edges
and control that melts
inhibitions and reality
a breath

I hold, hanging
on a line, an edge



Dipping through safety,
riding the breaker’s wave
everything’s sharper
relief that tastes bitter almond
and salty soft.

Stuck in a breath, I feel only pain, creaking
the world darkens, focus on
me, in a shrinking spotlight
I scratch out more tracks
Pay, in advance for the next ride,
I see, my despised chameleon core

And nothing more

caught, then shock, I begin again
waving through normality
on a ride that never ends.

(c) D Kai Wilson-Viola, 2012