New world order

So, one of the things I discovered over November that actually, one of the best things ever in my life, beyond my other half and kids of course, is writing.  I’ve missed it so much lately, so I made an objective and obviously quite biassed attempt to quantify how it makes me feel.  In short, very good.

The problem is, I still haven’t really gotten to a place where I can choose to do it full time.  And even if I did, I don’t think I’d be happy – I do love writing, but I’ve got a very low opinion of myself and any area where I can criticise myself worse than the worst critics is not a safe place for me to be full time.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but the first step on the road to sorting it all out is getting on with some projects and getting my backside off Facebook quite so much.  I’ve got an hour a day where I cannot be on my laptop and still be awake as the boi needs my rig to play Titanfall, so I’ll be on my iPad, and should be exclusively writing around then.

More than that though, I’ll be starting some projects I’ve been threatening for years and years.  The Indie resource site that I’m going to try and blog on regularly, and hopefully attract others to do so, and a little lighter, StuffWritersNeed, a project designed exclusively to share the best ‘stuff’ I see for writers.
I’m going to go back and revisit some older blogs too and get on with them again, and I’m going to, as Chuck Wendig said, Finish my &**&.

In the short term, nothing’s going to change, but by next Nano, hopefully there will be a new world order.  All I can do is take baby steps to the next place I need to be, and keep going.  Writing is something I can’t *not do*, so I’m going to stop fighting it and go with the flow.  If that means writing stuff I didn’t think I’d ever write, fine.

You may also notice the blog has been updated to another theme too – that’s an ongoing process, but I’m going to try and put the information that people want/need front and centre, without being all ‘buy me’ for books and stuff.  But I’m also stretching my wings – one of which is into t-shirt design.  I’ll talk about that more tomorrow 🙂