Coffin Hop 2014!

This is a sorta PSA brought to you for horror readers everywhere.
And, I’m giving away five copies of my horror novel, due out on November 29th.

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What is Coffinhop?

Coffinhop is a supporitve group of horror writers who band together for a few days and share horror, stories, books, and *stuff*.
Me, I’m just boosting the signal.  I think CoffinHop is a great project, and I think I’ll be more involved next year, for now I just wanted to signpost peeps to the site, and give away some horror stories.

Oh, and recommend some other horror books too.


Consumed by Love, by Pavarti K Tyler –  an erotic tale of cannibalism

Shades by Valerie Douglas – a corporate retreat that goes horribly wrong

And, of course, there’s the Death by Drive-in book by Coffin Hoppers.  Check it out!


Win one of five copies of my horror book, or a $10 gift voucher for Amazon.

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And of course, we’ll be around on Wilderness Apocalypse again from November 1st so come on over and say hi!

8 thoughts on “Coffin Hop 2014!

  1. Coffin Hop is an amazing project, and I’m grateful to find so many talented writers showcased. Blaze McRob presented my Kindlebook “Owl Guts” in his “Tales of Horror” and opening up Coffin Hop was like opening up a treasure chest. I will be checking out each and every author and giving many shout-outs!

  2. I love horror and have been searching for new horror authors to read AND to promote/feature on my blogs. I wish I’d known about this hop before today! I’m so thrilled to discover there are still folks out there creating horror. I’m not alone in the world!!!

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