G is for gaming #AtoZchallenge

Bit late today, sorry guys, but I very quickly wanted to talk about my favorite hobby – gaming.

And when I say gaming, I mean it all.  Board games, card games, tabletop wargaming, tabletop (RPGs), video games….all of it.   And I thought I’d give you some one lines about my favourite games.

Board games

I love Ticket to Ride – it’s a great game that looks completely innocuous, but is really cut-throat.
Monopoly – ruthless, fun, delicious.  I normally win too.
Kings of Tokyo – it’s a dice game, but has a board so….I love this game, because it’s hilarious, and there are very few tactics to it, or so it seems.  It’s actually REALLY involved.
Anything ‘Arkham’ – Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror and Eldrich Horror (all by Fantasy Flight) – deliciously horrific fun.  Arkham Horror is the longest of them, and to be honest, the one we play the least.  Mansions of Madness is my favorite.  Elder Sign actually counts as a card game, so it’s listed below.

Card games

Again, Ticket to Ride – great game, good for the kids.
High Command – I love this LCG – it’s a lot of fun, but it’s a bit two dimensional, and flat sometimes.
Malefaux – while this is a tabletop battle game, I count it in with the card games.  It’s played with a deck of cards to randomise the whole process.


Dreadball – I’ve never played a funnier, more fun game of football, ever.  Available from Mantic, the community is wonderful too.
Deadzone – another of Mantic’s games.  Think post-apocalyptic haring around a urban setting, skirmishing.
Warmachine – By Privateer Press, this is a game that involves mechs and summoners, kicking  one another up and down the table.

Video/Handheld games

Phoenix Wright versus Professor Layton – just got this one – lots of puzzles, lots of solving crimes, and screaming ‘Objection’.
Skyrim – let’s go kick some dragon butt!
Fallout 3 – Brilliant storyline, amazing graphics, great quests.  It’s also in my favourite genre, post apocalyptic.

What about you?  What’s your favourite game?