F for freedom or follow your heart #AtoZChallenge

My A-Z this year is about marketing, writing, and following my heart.  It’s been a really hard one to write, this one actually.
Following my heart means that I’m stepping away from lots of projects this year.  It means redoubling my focus on the writing that matters to me.  It means being ‘more present’ with my family, and less online.  It means working my ass off to get  to where I want to be, not where others think I should be.

It means letting go of the certainty that we’ll have a baby any time soon, while still keeping the faint hope alive. It’s been searching for a job that’s as fulfilling as freelancing.  It’s ignoring all those digging little voices that tell me I’m not worth it, that I must be doing something that I shouldn’t, that there’s no way I could do…there’s no way I should do.  It’s following the tiny, teeny voice that’s being shouted down by everything else around me.

LoboStudioHamburg / Pixabay

So, today, I wanted to talk about the freedom to be.  And the courage to write what you want.

It’s more than that though…

It’s more than that though – it’s the courage to write what the story demands.  What the voices that come to you, with that little voice inside you, the characters, the story, the core of what you want to say.
But, I’ll be honest.  I have no quick fix for this.  It’s difficult to find the courage to write what you want.  Until you remember that little voice.  The one that says ‘this is what happened, and this and this…’.  The one that says ‘that’s my story and I’m sticking to it’.

Find that voice, follow it.  It’s your heart.  It’s your story.