S is for stupidly busy #AtoZchallenge

Yeah, yesterday was ‘really knackered’.  Today, the word of the day is stupidly-busy (all one word, conjoined, dragging me along behind it!).  I wish I could say why, but it’s all coming together now so I’ll get to say something soon(ish). Until then. What to do when you’re so busy you can’t breathe (ok, maybe […]

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R is for really knackered #AtoZChallenge

Really short one today.  I’m so tired it’s unreal. I thought having Easter off might help, but nope. So, I’m going to share a couple of things. Really tired means really easy to miss opportunities One of the major things I’d like to highlight is that if you’re really tired, it’s easy to miss stuff. […]

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Q is for Quick Tips and questions/answers #AtoZchallenge

I thought today, I’d give you a couple of more quick tips, and keep with the lighter, shorter posts.  I know it’s unlikely stuff will ever be the epic length of my cover design post, but there’s a couple of other tips that aren’t big enough for a post of their own, and could be […]


P for promotion #AtoZchallenge

A lot of the questions I’ve been getting in private about what I’m talking about this month is why I’m not sharing my own stuff.  One of the things I can’t share quite yet is work, but I’ll be sharing that later in the month.  In the interim though, I thought I’d share a couple […]


o is for ooooh #atozchallenge

I love getting excited about stuff.  I love being a geek. I’m pretty lucky actually. I get to do some really fun stuff, all in the name of research. I get to look at the coolest movies, the best RPGs and MMORPGs and better yet, my beloved and children hold much the same interests. I get […]

N for News and holding it in a bit longer #atozchallenge

Another short post today. Big news, which I can’t share yet.  It’s a bit of a pain in the butt, but it’ll be well worth it later, I promise. Instead, I’m going to share something else. Tomorrow, will be the next edition of ‘The Doomsday Clock’ – a special piece about strays and more. Doomsday […]

The three pillars of Marketing #atozchallenge

Cheating slightly today, but it says it far better than anything I’ve tried to write today. This is a reprint of an article available on the marketing company I co-own, The Finishing Fairies. The three pillars of basic indie promotion I explain it a bit more in one of the books coming soon from myself […]


L is for look at this! #AtoZchallenge #

So…for #CampNanowrimo, I am writing a trilogy project codenamed ‘Gallows’.  I thought you might like a sneaky sneak peek. In this, the Delonshi, a type of shape shifting alien has already been introduced, and is considered ‘Fae’, a copy of the fae that were in fairy tales.   Werewolves and Vampires exist too, but it […]

Stray Ally by Troy Lambert - 100

Troy Lambert’s Stray Ally tour

And after our wildly successful launch day for Stray Ally, the Finishing Fairies are now delightedly hosting a small tour for the very same book.  Since it’s launch it’s garnered some great critical acclaim, and currently has an average of 4.6 stars on Amazon.com (as of April 3rd). The tour, from the fourth (here) to the […]


K is for Kindle – #AtoZchallenge

No way I could have completed a blog challenge and not use K to talk about Kindle and Kindle Direct Publishing. But I’m not going to talk about it’s merits.  What I’m going to talk about instead are a couple of hacks people seem to be missing when using it. Subscribing to blogs on the […]